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About Us

With an aim to supply customers with good quality Auto Spare Parts, New Model Wreckers

has become a well known business within the automotive industry. Embracing many years of invaluable experience in managing and operating within the trade. The Managing Directors and founders of New Model Wreckers continue to incorporate their expert knowledge in all their business practices. Established in 1992, New Model Wreckers has been a family run business and has vastly expanded its operations since inception.

With a focus on fast and reliable customer service, our team here at New Model Wreckers aspire to be as efficient and organised as possible. Consequently, our highly organised warehouse and computerised inventory software makes certain that staff can locate the required part as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Stocking over 300 hundred late model cars onsite, it is often guaranteed that we currently supply your desired part.

Most of our parts are shelved and ready for sale. However, if a certain major body section needs to be cut, or if an engine or gearbox needs to be removed from a vehicle, more time is needed. Also, to further the convenience of buying parts, our team at New Model Wreckers can easily organise quick and convenient delivery nationally as well as internationally.